Fun Fact Friday


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So I thought it would be fitting to start my blog off with a few different things you don’t know about me. Or maybe a little bit more of a get to know me. Plus I would love to get to know my readers, please comment below some things about yourself so that I can also get to know you.



* I grew up in Nairobi, Kenya & lived there for 18 years before returning to North America.

* I have two older brothers whom I absolutely adore.

* I come from a single parent family (until my father re-married when I was a teenager).

* Growing up my family was adventurous & thus I have been to all seven yes, you read that correctly seven continents.

* I believe I am an ambivert, not fully an introvert but not fully an extravert.

* If you haven’t seen already I am a lover of plants – which includes naming them.

* In the five years we have been married we have moved seven times all in the same province.

* In high school I enjoyed soccer, track & field & swimming. However, now I enjoy couch time – The struggle is real my friends.

* My favorite TV shows that I could do watch on repeat are: Friends, the office & Gilmore girls. (If you can’t tell I am a sucker for romance & comedies).

I have a love for good coffee, wine, & tea.

This was actually hard to come up with some facts about myself that I feel are worth writing about. I think it made me really think about myself a bit more & some of the things that I have done. I think it is refreshing to take a look at this list & to see some of the things that make me who I am today! Leave a comment below with some facts about yourself so I can get to know you all as well!

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