The Story of Us: Part 1


I figured the most fitting first blog to put under the marriage section would be the story of us P.1 of a four part series. The reason I think it will be a 4 part series is because we have been together for a long time & writing out are entire story in one blog post would be a bit much. Plus I don’t think it would do it justice! So I thought I would start with a part of the story of us. As most of you know I moved to Kenya when I was just a baby. I attended a small international school in Nairobi from Kindergarten all the way up to grade twelve. Jonathan however, only moved to Nairobi when we were both beginning grade 8. The boy crazy Esther heard that we would be getting two new boys in our grade (little did I know that they would be identical twins). As usually I always was curious when the first day of school came around. Low & behold I saw not one but both of the new boys that would be joining our grade. I think I turned to my friend & said wait there are two of them! Needless to say I was shocked! Of course being the outgoing person that I was I went up to them and introduced myself & received a “hello” & some big smiles. The first thing I noticed was that both Jonathan & Nathan liked to smile a lot! Now move forward a year & we are now entering grade 9. I had begun falling for Jonathan but really hadn’t said anything to anyone. There was one night that a dear friend of mine had me & another friend over & we thought it would be a brilliant idea to invite Jonathan & Nathan over for a movie night! Surprisingly they agreed & came over. We decided to watch a scary movie – Disturbia (which for the record wasn’t very scary). I was sitting next to Jonathan & had wanted to hold his hand so I pretended to be scared & held on to his forearm. After this I had fallen for him more – again I didn’t want to tell anyone. Nothing happened after that night & we continued on as friends. In my head I thought I like him but I don’t think anything will ever happen between us, specifically because we were really good friends & wasn’t sure he liked me that way. I tried my best to move on from my feelings for him. Another year went by & I was in a relationship & Jonathan had started dating someone. Move forward to December of grade 11 we were both no longer in any relationships. In fact I had gotten out of a relationship & had talked to one of my friends & told them that I wasn’t going to date anymore & if I did I would want to date someone that I saw a future with (yea this is me in grade 11 – prefrontal cortex not engaged). Needless to say Jonathan & I had been texting over Christmas break which wasn’t unusual for us, like I said we were friends before we started dating. I didn’t think anything of it. In January after we returned from break I sensed something different but wasn’t sure what it was. I took some time to really think about this & whether or not I really wanted to let any feelings arise, considering that Jon had dated one of my best friends and I didn’t really want to go down that path. In February of grade 11 we had a valentine’s banquet. Jonathan asked me to go with him as his friend & of course I said yes. The whole night was great & I wasn’t sure how it would be. At the end of the night we held hands on the ride home but I was a little disappointed that we didn’t talk about “us” & what this was. Two days after the valentine’s banquet on February 16th Jonathan asked me to be his girlfriend.

Throwback pictures from when it all started:

Stay tuned for P. 2!

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