July Thrift Finds

I know July isn’t over yet, but as much as I love thrift shopping I won’t be able to go again until August! There are so many items at thrift stores that you just can’t find in a regular store. All the antique & vintage items that you can find at the thrift store is endless. One tip I have for you about thrift shopping is figure out what day they put out new products. Β And if you are able to go on that day then do it, I find the best stuff on these days. But I wanted to share with you all some of my July thrift store finds. This month I got pretty lucky with my finds. I have been in the process of updating our living room & our bedroom decor (because I love doing this) and what better way to do it than with some thrift store finds. I found most of these in three separate shopping days & have a few thrift stores in the area that I like to frequent!

While I didn’t find a whole lot this time around I found all these wonderful gems!

First, I found this gold tray. I love the distressed look that it has & it was one of those items that I didn’t know I wanted or needed until I saw it. (Anyone else like me in that way?). I got this gold tray for $2.50.

Second, I found this globe. Y’all believe me when I tell you that it still had the price tag on it! It was originally from Winners but I guess the person who bought it didn’t want it. Which turned out great for me because now I can enjoy it. Plus this is one of the things that I have wanted for a while & have had my eye out for a globe like this! I bought this for all of $3.00!

The Third thing that I found were these two gold candle sticks! Guys seriously these were such a good find. I couldn’t believe that I found a set because often times I find one or two but finding a set of two, that is almost impossible. I bought these for $4.00.

The fourth thing that I found was this candelabra… also another by accident find. I was actually looking for something entirely different when I found this gem in the very back of the shelf. And let me tell you… when I saw it I grabbed it fast! I don’t know about where you are but coming across one of these at the thrift store is difficult. I bought this for $2.99.

The fifth thing that I found was the Sound of Music sound track on vinyl! One thing that I don’t love about thrift stores & looking through vinyl is that you have to look through so many before you can find a gem in all of the random vinyls. I was lucky as this one was on the top & caught my eye. I bought this for $4.99!

And the sixth and final items that I got were these two wooden distressed candle stick holders. I wanted the to go on our dresser in our bedroom (which is currently under some decor renos). So for now they are just sitting in my living room looking pretty. I can’t wait to put them on our new dresser when we get it! I bought these for $3.99.

Thrift store shopping can be difficult only because you really have to search in order to find the gems. Often times I go and walk away with nothing, so I feel pretty lucky to walk away this month with six different items. I think that my top find though this month would have to be the candelabra!

What are some of your favourite thrift store finds?

P.s. If you live in Manitoba I am always down for a thrift store buddy! πŸ™‚



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