How I choose my Blog name & Why I started a Blog!

I didn’t want to get to into blogging without writing out the reason that I started blogging. I wanted to let my readers know my why but I also wanted to give you a little background into how I choose my blog name. I am just going to start off first with my why.

Why I started Blogging

There are so many reasons as to why I wanted to start a blog. I actually started one about 5 1/2 years ago after we got married. I enjoyed writing & sharing some of my thoughts & life with all of you! However, I ended up having to stop blogging simply because the demands of both pursuing a Masters Degree as well as just regular life I found it difficult to pick up blogging again. Well over the years my passion never went away. I have always said I wanted to come back to blogging after I had finished my Masters. Before I started I wanted to think about my why again. I think for me I wanted to have a space to talk about subjects in a real, honest & vulnerable space. I wanted to share some of the things that I have learned or am learning. I wanted another creative outlet for myself & I wanted a space that felt freeing for others. As the time came closer for me to start my blog I was focusing a lot on making sure it was “perfect” & spent hours on my previous platform getting it ready to go live. Overall I wanted to create a space online for others to gain insight, ideas, understanding, grace, compassion, truth, love, fun & a place for me to share my passions with all of you! This blog will include everything from day to day life, travel, home decor/design, marriage, fashion, make-up, product reviews & really anything under the Sun. And I couldn’t be more excited to be sharing this journey with all of you!

Naming my Blog

So here’s the thing… I have had so many different ideas in regards to what to name my blog, when it came down to it I actually ended up asking a friend of mine for some clarification/ideas. I felt that I was getting a bit stuck. I knew that I wanted to incorporate aspects of my life into the title and after more careful thought I knew I wanted to incorporate something from my growing up years in Kenya. So I began to brainstorm & really think about something that would be meaningful to me. Well low and behold the name Maisha (It has Arabic origins & is a Swahili word) came to mind. We currently do not have any kids, however, when we do have kids we want to incorporate a Swahili middle name into their names. The reason I say all of that is because the name Maisha is on the top of our list. So no surprise that this name came to mind as I was thinking about what to name my blog. It not only incorporates where I grew up but it is a name that I have been holding on to for a long time. For those of you curious as to what the name means here is a little help: Maisha translates to “life” in Swahili & in Arabic “prosperous”.

Musings came about because I knew I wanted it to reflect sometime about my blog. When looking up words on google I came across the word musings. I really liked the meaning of the word. The meaning of musings is “a period of reflection or thought”. And I fell in love with the name Maisha Musings!



I just wanted to give you all a little sneak peak into my why & how I named my blog as well as the meanings behind the name.

As I said in my about me my hope is that you can learn some & I can also learn from you, that you feel empowered & to be the best that you can be. I want to speak truth in an empathic way, show love, grace, compassion, have fun & to learn together!

If there are any blog topics that you would like for me to cover please feel free to email me & let me know. I want to know what you want to hear about & read about as well! This is not just about me it’s about us.


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