What’s in my Purse!


Purses are not only a great accessory but also work really well for carrying all of your stuff – and if your husband/boyfriend is like mine then often times their stuff as well. Over the years I have had my fair share of pursues. And to be honest I loved them all. However, once I got into graduate school I realized I needed an oversized purse. I find that with different seasons & different times in my life then I need a different type/size of purse. Before graduating from my Masters I had always wanted to get a Fossil purse – as in when we went to the mall I would always walk into the Fossil store. All that to say that for my birthday this year I finally got my dream purse. I thought that I would do a what’s in my purse blog post because I am always nosy curious what others carry with them in their purses.

I have included links to everything that I have. None of the links are affiliate links I just thought I would make it easier for those of you interested in purchasing any of the items.

First off all my purse is the Ryder Satchel from Fossil which can be found here.


I absolutely love this purse, it is small & compact but fits everything that I need in it.

Now for what’s actually inside of my purse. I always carry my day planner with me in which ever purse I have. It is a staple as that is how I keep my life organized! I have been buying the Rifle paper Co. planners for the last two years & I absolutely love them. They are an 17 month planner. *A little life hack for you, if you buy the first one at full price by the time the other one comes out you still have a few months left to go so you can wait till it is on sale to buy it!* Currently I have this one in my purse.

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 12.08.08 PM

I am absolutely in love with all the floral designs that Rifle paper Co. puts out. Plus it makes using a planner a lot of fun! P.s. I still use my phone but for me there is something about actually getting it out on paper that helps me remember better. You can find this one here or here.882709225355

So speaking of Rifle paper Co. I also carry at least one notebook with me. This is incase I get any great ideas or need to write something important down. Plus you can never go wrong with having something to write on. You can find these on the Rifle paper Co. website or here. Also another great Rifle paper Co. item is their wall calendars. I can’t fit it in my purse but thought I would throw that one in for a little something extra. 🙂

Obviously I do not go anywhere without my wallet! I mean I need money for #retailtherapy am I right or am I right?!? But in all seriousness I love my wallet. This was actually a Christmas gift from my husband. He knew I wanted a wallet & he knew I had been eyeing some Matt & Nat products for a while now. Well he surprised me and bought me this one which I absolutely love!


Seriously  what’s not to love about this wallet, it is compact, it has lots of space for everything I need. If I don’t want to carry my purse I can just take my wallet & it’s like a little clutch!

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 12.01.19 PMAnother major essential for me especially here in Manitoba is chapstick! Oh my goodness I go no where without chapstick. I try to make my own or my best friend would make me some as well when she would do a large batch. *I will share a recipe at some point* But when I run out I like to carry some Burt’s bees with me. Honestly you can find this at your local drug store, grocery store, or you can order a four pack on amazon (which I think is the best bang for your buck). I love Burt’s bees because it is 100% natural. Like I said I only use this if I haven’t had the chance to make my own. Which I think is better because then I for sure know what ingredients are going into my product!


And you can’t go anywhere without your keys… at least I can’t. But why not have a cute keychain to go with it! A while back I found this shop on Instagram & I absolutely fell in love with her key rings & tassels. I knew I wanted one but wasn’t sure when or how I would get one. What I love about this is that you can customize the key chain to say what you want or you can buy one that she already has customized! Well low and behold this here was another gift from my husband!

I also have a lot of random things such as lotion, pens, pencil, hair ties, make-up (you know for touch ups), gum, my phone, sunglasses & my glasses.

That is pretty much it for the what’s in my purse blog. Comment down below some of your favourite items to take along with you in your purse. I would love to hear what types of things are in your purse. Like I said before I am always nosy curious to see what others carry. Who knows maybe I am missing something major I need to put in my purse.


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