How to re-decorate on a budget

This is one of my favourite things to do. I personally love changing up my decor on the regular & usually I can do this on a low to nothing budget! So if you are curious how I manage to change up all my decor or how I can decorate on a budget then this blog post is for you!

The thing that I find the hardest is that I love a lot of the things that are in my home. I mean if I didn’t love them then they wouldn’t be in my home. When you live in a small space like ours then it makes changing decor a little more tricky (But that’s another blog post for another day). Here are of my top favourite things to do to decorate on a budget.

  1. Thrift shopping – I am sure this one comes to no surprise to most of you! I love hitting up thrift stores, antique stores you name it I am constantly out looking for new to me stuff. What I love about this is that sometimes you get some pretty unique & different things that you would not be able to buy in store.
  2. Sell stuff – This one is pretty self explanatory. I often sell things that I own in order to replace it. For example: We had a rug in our bedroom that I didn’t love so I sold it & moved the rug we had in our living room to our bedroom. Then with the money I made from that sell (plus some) I bought the two new rugs for our living room.
  3. Move things around – This one is great! There are so many different things in your home that aren’t used on the regular or maybe something you used in the kitchen that you now want to use in the living room or vice versa. This can save you some money & refreshes your look.
  4. D.I.Y. – This is an easy one. You can DIY something you already own or find something cheap from somewhere else and DIY it! Seriously the possibilities are endless & Pinterest will be your best friend during the DIY process.
  5. Check out garage sales, varage sale, Facebook marketplace, kijiji, eBay
  6. Check out sales at your favourite stores or amazon always has some good deals as well.
  7. Don’t buy stuff that you don’t absolutely love. I have learned this over the years. Don’t get me wrong though I still do this.

Honestly, I change things up & I add new pictures or prints to our wall. I found that having shelves is the best for this because you can change up the the decor on the shelves based on the season or how you are feeling. I have so many little tips up my sleeve that I am excited to be sharing with y’all in the future!

What are some of your favourite ways to re-decorate or change up decor on a budget? I would love to hear your thoughts below.

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