Fall Date Nights that won’t break the bank!

Fall is coming up quicker than I would like for it to…however, I do love fall a whole lot but Summer this year seemed to fly by a lot quicker than it has before… maybe this is just because the older I get the faster the year flies by. With that being said… since FALL is fast approaching I wanted to give you some great date night ideas for FALL! I mean summer date nights are awesome but FALL date nights can be just as fun!

  1. Go to a pumpkin patch & pick some pumpkins that you can carve & some that you can bake with! Then go home, prepare the pumpkins for carving, grab a glass of mulled wine (recipe to come) or apple cider, put some music on & start carving!
  2. You know those other pumpkins you picked up at the pumpkin patch… yea the ones for baking… well spend an evening baking together…. so many yummy recipes like pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, making your own pumpkin spiced latte’s, pumpkin puree for soup, really the list could go on. While it sounds like a task this is actually something both Jon and I enjoy doing together!
  3. Go out for coffee at a cute coffee shop in the area. If you live here in Winnipeg there are so many to choose from such as Cafe Postal, Fools & Horses, Little Sisters & Thom Bargen just to name a few. Explore what your city has & choose a new spot to go out for coffee…the beauty of this one is that it doesn’t cost a lot of money!
  4. Another great thing that you can do together that won’t cost you a lot of money is to make a blanket fort or if you aren’t feeling that involved then bring your mattress out into the living room & do a movie/show marathon together! Seriously, it is so much fun! When the new Gilmore Girls came back on Netflix we did just this! It was the best!
  5. Go to a Football game…. Seriously, I know it is a bit cold but bring lots of blankets, head scarfs, hot water bottles, heating packs & bundle up. Last year we were lucky enough to go to a Blue Bombers game courtesy of my boss. And let me tell you it was so much fun! I am not super into football like Jon is but I loved getting to go & got drawn in by the event!
  6. If you have the option of having a bonfire & roasting marshmallows with hot chocolate then for sure do this one! This is always a win date night for the two of us & usually we like to have other couples join us!
  7. Check out some free or cheap events/festivities in your area. There are usually quite a few if you really look for them. Really you can just type in Free events in your area on google & I am sure lots will show up.
  8. Go to a local park & have a picnic with a charcuterie board, some warm brie, & don’t forget some warm hot chocolate or coffee as well!

These are just a few of the great ideas that we have done in the past & are planning on doing again this year! The beauty of all of these is that they won’t break the bank & most of them won’t cost you a whole lot! I love Fall date nights because there is so much you can do & the changing of leaves, the smell in the air, it all makes for a romantic scene so why not take advantage of this!

What are some things that you do in Fall for date nights? I would love to hear what ideas you have that we can add to our list of things!


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