5 August Favourites


Boy, did the end of summer sneak up on us or what!?! I feel like it was just Spring & now it is almost Fall. Don’t get me wrong, I love Fall but I also love Summer so I am torn between both of them. Anyways, enough of me ranting. I wanted to share my top 5 August Electronic Favourites!

I am so happy to be partnering with CaseApp for this post! For a long time now I have had my eye on all the pretty cases on their website. I mean who wouldn’t love to have all the pretty designs on their electronics!! So of course a laptop skin & a phone case from them are on my August favourites! Plus they come in a cute little case!

Laptop Skin –

I absolutely love this laptop skin & design! It is no secret that I love plants so when I saw this design on the Case App website I fell in love with it almost instantly. I mean who wouldn’t want a pretty skin on their laptop! It was easy to apply & has held up well! I love how vibrant the colours are on it. It’s nice having a skin on my computer because both Jon & I have the same computer so now it is much easier to tell whose computer is whose. I like it because if I want to change out the skin I can always order another one & change it out. It is super easy & super affordable!

iPhone case –

I am known for dropping my phone well…. a lot. I always have a phone case on my phone. I love getting a new phone case at least once a year to change up the style of my phone, I mean why not! I love how sturdy this case is and how bright it is! Such a great way to accessorize my phone but also to protect it! I have gotten so many compliments on this design & the case itself. My husband who never has phone cases on his phone even thought about getting one after he saw mine simply because of how sturdy it is! There are so many designs to choose from off the CaseApp website. Here is the link to this phone case.

Feel free to use my code ESTHERBSCHMIDT20 for 20% off your purchase at caseapp.com

Seriously, head on over to their website to check out all the awesome designs they have. Also, did you know that you can design your own phone case with Caseapp!?! How cool is that? They have so many different options but if you already have something in mind that you would like, for instance a picture of your kids or your dog then they have the option to custom make what you want on your case! And I would love to see what you get so feel free to tag me in your photos on Instagram with any purchases you make with caseapp!

Laptop bag –

I also love my laptop bag that I purchased off of amazon. I have owned this bag for a little over a year & I love how well it travels & all the fun compartments that it comes with. Not only is it a laptop bag, it also has a compartment for my camera!! I absolutely love it. You can find it here. I have absolutely loved it & it has worked well for me while traveling & just for the day to day use. Plus it is such an awesome option for those of you who have both a camera & a laptop & only want to carry one bag.

Sound bar –


We also recently purchased a sound bar for our TV & to listen to music as well. It was such a great purchase. I feel like we didn’t know what we were missing until we bought this. This is something that both Jon and I have had on our want list for a while. So we finally bought one & we were not disappointed at all! You can find a similar one to the one we bought here. We have absolutely loved it & it has made a huge difference in our movie nights & watching Netflix.

Phone Charging bank –

71KFF0lGEqL._SL1500_Don’t you just hate when you are out & your phone is dying? Well one of my favourites is a charging bar. You can find this one here on Amazon. It seems to be the best bang for your buck. Plus, you will never be out of power again with your phone.

These are just a few of my favourite August electronic finds!

Again if you are looking for a phone case or laptop skin & you are super into fun cases or want to customize your own case head over to the Case App website to start designing your own or pick from one of their many designs. While you’re there feel free to use my 20% off code: ESTHERBSCHMIDT20




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