5 things I do to stay organized

I love organization & I love staying organized. If you knew me in high school this would come as a surprise to you. But I have found over the years that staying organized has created a great way for me to get things done! Really being organized can be so helpful, and I find it helps to reduce stress. So I thought I would share the top 5 things that I do to stay organized!


Calendars are a great thing to have around… seriously we have so many… one large one in our kitchen, one joint on on our phones & I carry a day calendar with me in my purse. I find the more places I write it down the less likely I am to forget something. Also it not only helps me but also helps Jon know when I have something planned & vice versa.

Meal Planning

Y’all this has saved me so much time, energy, sweat, and tears. With both of us working full time & coming home & cooking it helps me stay organized if I have a meal plan in place. This way we don’t have to debate what we are having for dinner and what to make. Also it allows me to plan a crockpot meal for the busier days! Seriously this has saved me HOURS!

Bullet Journaling

Bullet Journaling is not for everyone, in fact I started it over a year ago but then stopped for a while because I did note feel I could keep up. Then I re-assessed what I needed to do & I figured out that I should probably start it again & that it did not have to be something that I stressed about or spent a lot of extra time doing. In fact bullet journaling can become part of your self-care. Plus, it helps you stay organized.

Creating goals

This one is huge for me. I sit down at the end of every month & create new goals for the upcoming month. I then put these goals in my bullet journal as well as write them out & have them posted on my mirror or some where that is visible on a daily basis. This helps keep you motivated but also organized in reaching those goals. I just find this to be super helpful for not only an overview of the month but also the day to day of staying organized.

To do lists

On Sundays I usually prepare a to do list for my week. This usually only includes tasks that need to get done around the house, personal tasks – such as writing blog posts. It also includes looking at my goals for the month & then creating weekly goals based off of the monthly goals. I find that to-do lists can be great because you can see what you need to do & then cross it off. And nothing is more satisfying than crossing something off a to-do list!

These are just a few of the things that I do to stay organized on a weekly/monthly basis! Everyone is different & has different ways of staying organized. I think it is great to stay organized when you can so that you can reduce some of the extra stressors that come along with working full time or staying home full time. As we all know life does happen & sometimes that throws it all out the window but for the most part it usually works well. One of the key things that I have found with my organization is to make sure that I am willing to be flexible when needed. These are things that can help drastically change how you use your own time.

I would love to hear what some of your thoughts are & some of the things that you do to stay organized?

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