Summer to Fall Fashion

It is no secret that fashion is one of those areas that can be difficult to navigate, especially the transition from Summer to Fall weather. The extreme heat to the milder temperatures can really throw your wardrobe for a spin. At least I have heard a lot of people who talk like that. Well do I have news for you! It doesn’t have to be like that. I think one of the things that I have learned over the years as a student before I was able to really have four different wardrobes for the different seasons…. I mean who am I kidding I still don’t have that! But in all seriousness I learned to be able to modify my wardrobe to fit all the seasons. Obviously, there are a few items that I wold not wear in Fall or Winter such as shorts but for the most part my wardrobe is versatile.

So I just wanted to talk about some of my favourite Fall items that I do have:

Scarfs, boots, fall coat, socks, sweaters… this list could go on.

I am a sucker for fall fashion & there are items that I have that I wear in Fall, Winter, Spring, & Summer but then there are a few choice items that I bought specifically for that season. Simply because you can not get away with wearing shorts in December here in Winnipeg. I mean you could try but I think frostbite may be inevitable if you did do that. So instead I trade my shorts in for my jeans (which by the way, I still wear in summer) and I layer up with some cute sweaters & a scarf. The key to having a versatile wardrobe is having a good Fall coat that you like. If you have this then you can essentially wear almost anything under it. I mean who doesn’t love a good comfy look… because I do.

So I thought I would share with you some Summer to Fall inspiration that I found over on Pinterest.


By no means is this list exhaustive of ideas… as there are so many out there. These are just a few to get you going with some ideas of how to overlap some of your summer wardrobe with some hints of fall into it, it’s that simple. What are some of your secrets moving from a Summer to Fall wardrobe?

Esther Xxx

2 thoughts on “Summer to Fall Fashion

  1. Here in the South, we can transition slowly. We add boots or scarves and then break out light jackets when needed. Your suggestions are all on point!


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