Home Decor Favourites

It’s been a minute since I have written about Design/Decor and I think it is about time I put out another blog post about some of my favourite home decor items. First I am all about neutrals in a space. I love pops of colour but I feel that neutrals add a sense of depth, elegance, clean, and adds brightness to a space. And by neutrals I mean beiges, whites, greys, browns, etc… Really you get the picture. So I thought with the new year that I would share some of my favourite home decor items.




1. Ikea – NYPONROS Duvet Cover 2. Pottery Barn – White Duvet Cover 3. Wood Cutting Board 4. H&M Throw Pillow 5. H&M Gold Watering Can 6. H&M Jute Basket 7. H&M Woven Basket 8. Amazon Throw pillows 9. H&M Rug 10. H&M Storage Basket 11. Picture Frame 12. Aztec Throw Pillow 12. Cozy Throw Blanket 13. Tea light Candle holder 

These are just a few of my favourites. I think that adding a few different pieces as accents to a space is the way to go. As I said I like the neutrals but I also like to add pops of colour in here and there. I find that adding colour in throw pillows, throw blankets, and other accents such as vases or knick knacks is the way to go. In reality it is all about what you like in your space. I think the most important thing about a space is that it reflects you & that you are able to feel at home, at peace, relax & feel comfortable in the space. If you love it then add it to your home & your space others don’t have to love it for you to have it! Just do what suits you & the space you create will be just right.

With all that said these items are just a few of my favourites. I could not possibly add all of my favourites to this blog post. With that said stay tuned for my blog post on Kitchen Essentials – Essentials for the home decor lover (Coming soonish on Maisha Musings). In the meantime comment down below what some of your favourite places are to shop home decor?

Esther Xxx



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