Tips on Home Decor

It’s no secret that I love home decor – if you haven’t started following me on Instagram head over & follow me @estherbschmidt to see snippets of our home. Home is such a funny thing. For the 7 years that Jon & I have been married we have moved 10 times. Yes you read that correctly. And all of those moves have been within Manitoba, except for our last move to North Carolina! Needless to say moving doesn’t phase us anymore. In fact most of our moves we were able to pack up in less than a week & everything was unpacked within the week. CRAZY! Really it’s all because we both hate living in cluttered spaces & we love a good homey feel. This is great for me because DECORATING is my JAM! I mean that is what this post is all about. Decorating can be a bit intimidating especially when you are working with a lower budget or wanting to do it with things that you already own. Hear me when I say that you do not have to have an eye for decor you just have to have a little bit of creativity.

One of the things that I often think about first when I want to decorate an area or re-decorate a space specifically is, what do I already love about it? What do I want to change? Figuring out my vision for the space? Which let’s be honest – I would have already envisioned this before I got the itch to change the space. What do I already have that I can use in this space? These are just some simple questions that I go through in my head. If there is something that I am not loving then I question why I still have it. I have come to the realization that you should not buy stuff just to buy stuff. When I go out shopping for home decor items I am always aware of things that I buy. Do I absolutely love it & is it versatile? I usually find myself putting things back on the shelf after I ask these questions.

So you may be sitting here reading this & thinking well all of this information is great but how do I actually do this on a practical level. Let me start by saying this. First do not do your whole entire house or apartment in one go. Pick a room, have a vision, start adding things to the room or changing things up, be intentional with the items that you already have in the room (maybe something just needs to be painted a different colour). Then once I have all this together I usually stat to plan for what I need to buy & where I would like to buy it from. If your in Canada some great stores to check out for home decor are Simons, Homesense, Pottery Barn, The Bay, Anthropologie, Amazon, Etsy, Winners, Michaels, and Marhsalls. Really those are just my go to stores but if you have others that I am missing I would love for you to write them in the comments below as I would love to know where else to go. With that being said. I thought I would share some photos with you of our last apartment before we moved. While we have loved all our apartments

I know I have previously shared photos of one of our apartments and I think it would be good to share some photos of the last apartment we had before we moved to North Carolina. So without further ado here are some little snippets:

One of the major things that I have to remind myself of when decorating my space is “do I love it?” because lets be real you have to love the space that you are in. It’s what makes a place home & more importantly it is what makes the space “your” home.

I love expressing myself through home decor because it is what makes a space uniquely you. The best part is that you can draw from other inspiration & sources that inspire you & then change it a little to make it fit what you want & what you envision.

I say all this to say that to me having a space that feels like home is super important to me. And I love being able to decorate spaces & see everything come together.

All in all I just encourage you to love the pieces you pick out, have versatile pieces, it’s okay to change things up, and to express yourself through your decor!

~Esther Schmidt

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